Many people are clueless about what legal relationships actually entails. This may be because of the complex jargons that have shrouded the subject legal agreements, but in this short post, I shall be showing you in simple terms what the real nature of legal relationships are and how they benefit you;

1. It guides interactions:

A good legal contract spells out what is permitted in all forms of interactions and communications between individuals, groups, or communities. To avoid abuses the nature of these interactions must be properly outlined in a comprehensive legal agreement.

2. Spells out benefits:

A good legal agreement spells out the expected benefits that all the parties involved stand to gain. The actual accrued and also the mutual benefits must also be declared. In order not to be disadvantaged, or defrauded in any for relationship, a legal relationship agreement or document is what you must lay your hands on.

3. Ad idem:

“Ad idem” is a Latin word translated “meeting of the minds.” If the parties involved in a contract understand the terms and conditions of the contract in the same manner, then it is said that the parties are “ad idem” on the terms and conditions. Now continuing from our little Latin lesson, you must understand that such meeting of minds is essential to every valid contract.

4. It binds all parties:

Then again the legal agreement shows in what way the parties involved are to be bound by their own words, actions or conduct or place. You imagine what would happen if we could change our minds on our promises without consequences; marriages will fall apart, government appointees, public officers, and elected official would just do as they please and there would be no way to hold anyone accountable. Business enterprises would also suffer massively from mismanagement and embezzlement. These are just a few examples to help you see how important it is to understand how legal agreements can benefit you.

5. Legal Agreements establish agreements:

The last point I would add is the fact that legal contacts in themselves imply that the parties involved are agreeing to be bound by what they have said, written or done.

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